Extended Filmography

2015    When They Give Their Word. HD video, 79 minutes

2015    That Which Is Coming and the Signs of Remarkable History. HD video, 100 minutes.

2015    Our Look Was as If Two Lovers or Enemies. Three-channel HD video installation, 12 minute loop. Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation.

2014   The Mightiest. HD video, 8 minutes. Commissioned by Iranian Heritage Foundation, United Kingdom.

2012   When They Give Their Word, Their Word is Bond. HD two-channel video installation, 9 minute and 44 minute loops.

2009  Interview: Nasser 10/23/2002. SD video installation, 120 minute loop.

2009¬†¬†¬†las callecitas y la ca√Īada.¬†SD video, 24 minutes.

2009   Qamri Hajer (My Moon Migrated). SD video, 12 minutes.

2006  Best in the West. 16mm and SD video, color, 71 minutes.

2003   things lovely and dangerous still. 16mm silent film for trumpet & drums, color, 14 minutes.

2002  [modes and tactics] remix. Collaboration with Carole Kim. Mixed media, 12 minutes.

2002  yoisho. SD video, 3 minutes.

2001   love sermon. 16mm, black and white, 2 minutes.

2001  [modes and tactics]. SD video, 12 minutes.

2001   UCLA Labor Center SIP. Commissioned documentary. SD video, 20 minutes.

2000¬†¬†¬†DREAM.¬†Commissioned by family of Mike ‚ÄúDREAM‚ÄĚ and Russell Simmon‚Äôs¬†360Hiphop.com, SD video, 7 minutes.

1999  Azizam. 16mm, Super 8, dual projection, audio tape, color, 12 minutes.

1997   My Mother is not Chinese. Co-director. SVHS video, 20 minutes.

1997   flat tire during a boxing match. Super 8, VHS video, dual projection, audiotape, color, 8 minutes.

1996   A Trail of Glitter. VHS video, 8 minutes.