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Best In The West

Best in the West is the story of a group of male friends who leave the country of their birth to seek education, opportunity, and adventure abroad. In relating the events of their emigration from Iran to the San Francisco … Continue reading

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    I am making my films available for home and public screening in response to the Muslim/immigrant/refugee bans. Please contact me if you would like access to a better file/dvd. Let me know how it goes. xomk     … Continue reading

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Signs of Remarkable History

Signs of Remarkable History (HD, 77 minutes, 2016) examines the intimate relationship between young Muslims, their teachers, and the sacred and worldly texts with which they are deeply engaged. Muslims believe that the first revealed verse of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad was … Continue reading

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things lovely and dangerous still

things lovely and dangerous still is inspired by and for the great American poet June Jordan (1936 – 2002). In both her writings and her work as an educator and humanitarian, Jordan battled injustice and intolerance in the most intimate … Continue reading