Current Projects

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Signs of Remarkable History

Signs of Remarkable History (HD, 77 minutes, 2016) examines the intimate relationship between young Muslims, their teachers, and the sacred and worldly texts with which they are deeply engaged. Muslims believe that the first revealed verse of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad was … Continue reading

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Our Look Was as If Two Lovers, or Deadly Enemies

A three-channel installation featuring poet/scholar Rasheeda Plenty, reading from “Living Like Weasels” by American essayist Annie Dillard and “And He is with you wherever you are,” a meditation on a Qu’ranic verse written by Amir ‘Abd al-Kader (d. 1883). Commissioned by Sharjah Art … Continue reading

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When They Give Their Word, Their Word is Bond

A bucolic garden in San Francisco, a small mosque in North Oakland, and storefront windows in San Francisco’s Tenderloin are brought together to bring “The Word” to the street. Imam Zaid Shakir is a local African American Muslim scholar who … Continue reading

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Zaytuna Project

My current project is a study of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California. Zaytuna is the first four-year Muslim liberal arts college in the United States. Established by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Imam Zaid Shakir, and Dr. Hatem Bazian, the college aspires … Continue reading